• How can I purchase my anti-virus’s license key?

You can either purchase the key from the antivirus program or you can simply go to our website’s Buy Now option in order to buy your antivirus’s license key.

  • What level of services does FreefromVirus.com provides in the removal of viruses?

Due to the complexity of virus removal, we support use of several powerful antiviruses like SpyHunter 4, Mackeeper anti-malwareRegCure Pro, Plumbytes, WiperSoft Anti-Malware, Reimage+, Panda Security, VIPRE Antivirus and ReviverSoft.

  • I hear that many such software products are bundled with viruses or spyware programs. How can I trust you?

It is true that many of the software products come bundled with other virus or spyware and it is unsafe to download programs from untrusted sources. Therefore, all the files located on our website were digitally signed with official software publisher certificate. You can trust on our website that no malicious codes were included.

  • Do I need account in order to download products from website?

No, you can access the product download without filling any account form.

  • Which types of Operating Systems were supported by anti-viruses?

Currently, SpyHunter 4, RegCure Pro, Plumbytes, WiperSoft Anti-Malware, Reimage+, Panda Security, VIPRE Antivirus and ReviverSoft were supported by Windows variant of Operating System including Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Mackeeper anti-malware is only product of our website which currently supports Mac Operating System.

  • Which is the most powerful anti-virus of your website?

All of our anti-virus located on website is equally powerful and secure enough protect your Computer. Please pursuit to download according to your System’s problem.

  • If I already have an anti-virus program, do I still need to install antiviruses from this website?

It is all upon you. If your antivirus program is already belongs to trusted company or it is powerful then you don’t need to install products from this website. However, even you download and install our products then it might be cause to disable your previously installed antiviruses.

  • Does your any product works with disk encryption?

No, unfortunately our website’s belonging products does not work if your hard drive is encrypted via Windows’s built-in BitLocker program or applications like TrueCrypt.

  • Do I need internet to use these antiviruses?

In normal situations, these products don’t ask for Internet connection but it asks when you need to update its virus definitions or registering license key.

  • What is the best option when my Computer’s registries were messed up?

Typically, there are two options for fix or delete corrupted entries:
Either you can download [RegCure Pro registry cleaner or Registry Reviver created by RiverSoft] from our website. Otherwise, you can follow Manual Process for Windows Operating System. However, you were warned that Manual Process can be tough and complex to understand.

  • How can I ask my questions here?

In order to ask your questions you can write us email at- [support@freefromvirus.com] or you can simply go to our expert’s adviser by clicking here.

  • How can I remove mails coming from this website?

Just open any one of this website’s mail in below you will see “unsubscribe” option, click on it. We will remove your Email ID from mailing list within 48 hours.

  • My computer was blocked from the USC and http networks due to a virus infection. How can I regain access to that network?

Antiviruses disconnect infected computers from the network in order to maintain security for the university computing community. To re-establish a connection to the network, you will need to do the following:

Scan your computer using antivirus scanning software that has been updated with the latest virus definitions.
Be sure to remove any viruses identified by the antivirus software.
Install necessary operating system patches to prevent your computer from being vulnerable to future attacks (i.e., Code Red worm).
Once you’ve ensured that your computer is virus free and secure, please contact the Customer Helpdesk Centre to re-establish your connection.

  • I am not able to fix my problem even I use anti-virus?

Even using antivirus if you are not able to fix your problem, you can search ask to experts under helpdesk sections located on the antivirus UI. Or, you can also visit to some following links for you queries.

For Spyhunter 4: https://www.enigmasoftware.com/
For Reimage+ Antivirus: http://www.reimageplus.com/
For Mackeeper Antivirus: https://mackeeper.com/
For Plumbytes: https://plumbytes.com/
For Panda Antivirus: http://www.pandasecurity.com/
For Regcure pro: http://www.regcure.com/
For EMSISOFT (Internet Security+ Anti-Malware): https://www.emsisoft.com/
For VIPRE Antivirus: https://www.vipreantivirus.com/
For ReviverSoft (Registry Clener and Optimizer): http://www.reviversoft.com/
For WiperSoft Antivirus: http://www.wipersoft.com/
For Malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.com/

If you have more questions to ask then it is suggested to contact us at here.